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Blix Sensor Will Benefit Your Dealership In 2020

Built for car dealerships, a Blix Sensor is going to help a dealership track walk in traffic and missed sales opportunity! It is the perfect tool to increase sales conversion rates. Installed in less than 30 minutes and only requires electricity (no IT integration), Blix will benefit your dealership by measuring true walk-in to sales conversion rates, use accurate data to monitor sales training, identify your dealership's lost sales, cross shopping trend and benchmark performance against other dealerships.

Once installed, Blix Traffic real-time reporting is available 24/7. All reports can be fully managed remotely through your mobile device, tablet or computer. The data that is collected will provide your dealership with information on:

  • Passing traffic (your dealership can easily see customer traffic both inside and outside the showroom)

  • Visitors & unique visitors

  • Passing traffic conversions

  • Dwell time (the number of people who spend more than 30 minutes in your showroom)

  • Missed opportunities (customers who visit your showroom but leave in less than 5 minutes) 

  • New vs. returning visitors

  • Frequency of visits

We overservice our dealerships! We want to make sure it's not just another piece of data but an effective part of your operations. The Blix team will engage your team to measure, train and implement strategies to improve sales conversion. 

We believe that customer experience isn't a thing, it's everything. Visit our services page for more on product information.

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