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Tips for Social Media for Dealerships

Social media is where your ideal buyer is hanging out to read the news, viewing and engaging with restaurants they like or may want to visit, seeing reviews posted by their friends and family on various products or brands, and yes, researching their next vehicle purchase. You want to be on social media because that’s where the people are: your next customer. In order to use social media effectively, and yes, strategically, to find buyers in your community, here some tips.


You may not have the manpower to be on every single platform every single day, but when you’ve narrowed it down to the platforms that are important to you, be consistent in your posting schedule.

For example, on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll want to post daily. If that is too much, pick a schedule and stick to it, so that your audience (and ideal buyer) can come to expect a post from you on a regular basis, even if it’s every other day.


When someone posts a comment, always reply. It shows your audience that you’re responsive on social media and is essential for relationship building. It also tells your potential customer that you are a real human being behind the social media account or Dealership.

When someone posts a negative comment, always reply and address it positively. The person who is running your social media accounts should have the ability to get help with how to respond to negative responses quickly and accurately.

On a platform like Instagram, you can engage even more with your ideal buyers by liking, commenting and following your followers and ideal followers.


Show your ideal buyer what sets you apart from other dealers in your community. Showcase your team, your community and your unique capabilities on your social media accounts.

Consider posting about your team members with photos of them and interesting facts about them. You could showcase your employees participating in community events or volunteering, even receiving awards.

Try posting educational tips or videos about a new vehicle feature. Educating your potential buyer and existing audience and followers will also set you apart.

Take a current sale vehicle and position it in a unique location or destination with photographs. Explain and help your buyer imagine visiting this place. Why would they want to visit, perhaps it’s a local restaurant, legion or destination they would enjoy driving that particular vehicle to.


Post images of happy customers receiving delivery of their new purchase, a repeat customer coming in for service, or someone upgrading their current vehicle with your dealership.

Social Media is all about building brand awareness, community, trust and a reputation with your ideal buyer and existing customer.


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