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Putting your Mark in Social Media Marketing

In a rapidly growing environment of automotive sales and service, one thing is for certain, you must stand out among the rest. Whether you’re selling Civics or Corvettes, the right car doesn’t mean a thing if you cannot match it to the right buyer at the right time.

The buying process starts with research. Buyers are spending more and more time researching their next vehicle than ever before, utilizing listing apps, reading buyer reviews, comparing features and specs before navigating to a dealership webpage, let alone walking into a physical showroom.

At Miranda Pyette Automotive, we put you on the center stage, in front of an audience looking to buy. Having a social media strategy and reviewing your analytics, combined with the MPA Team and a hands-on approach leaves a lasting impression on potential buyers, leading to more trips to your website, more scrolling through inventory images, resulting in that scheduled in person appointment.

Automotive advertising and social media promotion stand for more than putting the right content in front of the right audience, it also involves monitoring and analysis of previous posts, a review of what has worked in the past and what messages and ideas resonate with your current audience. Social media content management based on the foundation of a successful history quickly translates into less content missed or ignored, and more connections made with your clients.

Through the use of high-quality content and daily activity, our promotion of your dealership through social media keeps your name and brand as the first thought for potential buyers, and as a familiar name in the mind of indecisive shoppers. Whether you are targeting a new buyer or the repeat customer, consistent marketing and social media content creation from Miranda Pyette is the best method of reaching out to clients without taking away from your day to day.

Since 2002, Miranda Pyette has been working with OEM’s, Dealerships and Major Canadian companies to become a Leading Marketing Consultant in the Automotive Industry. Visit our Services page for more information.

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