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ECommerce Services


ECommerce Services

  • Initial Start Up Cost/One Time Fee includes Site Build and Uploading Products: $2,688.


    Approximate Monthly Fees for the App, Shopify Fee, eShop Facebook and Simplicity Ads: $1,225.00/per month.




    eCommerce Site Launch Services


    eCommerce Shopify Premium Website Build via Shopify 

    $1,399.00 (One-Time)

    Uploading Products 1-150 (photo, description, and weight) 

    $1,289.00 (One-Time)


    $79.00/month USD

    Performance Management Fee


    Spearhead App


    Additional Custom Work on Shopify Build

    Contact Us

    eShop Services


    Facebook eShop 


    Instagram eShop


    Monthly Search Engine Marketing Services FIXED OPS


    Simplicity Ads - Middleweight 


    Dealership Visit


    Visit by team members to capture content of parts and upload them to the App


    *The Simplicity Ads would not go live until we are live and you are happy with the product and experience.

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